ID-100104216Green Smoke is a known brand for electronic cigarette or e-cig, for short. It is one of the best in market today. This is true seeing the very many positive reviews coming from users. Perhaps you are planning to switch to an alternative type of cigarette but not sure of which brand to choose, then you can make Green Smoke your choice. The following is a brief but helpful overview of what Green Smoke offers.

Green Smoke specializes in the production and marketing of a brand of e-cig known as Green Smoke. You can are provided with a wide ranges of options that possibly suit your lifestyle.

The vapor cigarettes or electronic cigarettes offered by this company are designed in two – part. The one part is the rechargeable battery and the other part is the replaceable cartridge.

An intriguing detail about the Green Smoke e-cig is that you can choose from variety of flavors and different nicotine levels. So, this means there is something for every type of smoker.

About the Green Smoke Cartridge and Battery

Like most of the other electronic cigarettes designs out there, the e-cigs from Green Smoke works with a battery and a cartridge. Green Smoke has been able to perfect a brand of cartridge or “cartomizer”( a corruption of cartridge and atomizer) known as FlavorMax.

The cartomizer comes in different flavors and provides about 360 puffs that are equivalent to 1.5 packs of cigarettes. The cartomizer holds the nicotine liquid and vaporizes same into smooth and flavorful vapor when there is the sensors in the battery are activated.